Metapunks to release metaverse avatars

These Metapunk avatars are multifictional 3D models that are available for viewing and integration into different metaverses, games, and social media platforms. Per the release, the first 2,000 Metapunks were sold privately. 

What is interesting about Metapunks?

Not just JPEGs

Metapunks, unlike many other collections, are full-fledged 3D models. Owners may see their NFTs in 3D on the website or utilize augmented reality (AR) to incorporate Metapunks into the actual world. You can download, animate, and import avatars into a variety of projects or Metaverses, such as Webaverse.

You will also find three trendy photographs with each avatar that you can use on Twitter and other social media sites. The collection includes eleven qualities, offering a wilde range of options.



Ecosystem Matters

Metapunks is one of Algorand’s first significant NFT collections. Despite being a top 20 coin with a market valuation of $10 billion or more, Algorand is still unknown to many cryptocurrency investors.

The Algorand ecosystem is still in its early stages of development. Original NFT ventures on Algorand, such as Al Goanna, reaped hundreds of percent in average return for their owners. Despite being a new project, Metapunks has a large following in Algorand.

The company also announced its official partnership with the Drone Racing League at Decipher, Algorithm’s premier conference in 2021, which attracted over 400 people.

The Metapunks team has produced a fantastic competitive analysis piece on the Algorand blockchain.

Lots of Potential

The project has a long-term plan. They want to launch the META token, NFT Staking, NFT Swap, and other DeFi mechanisms in early 2021. However, MetaDAO, one of the first DAO projects on Algorand, is the most important milestone on the plan.

The MetaDAO will also fund projects aligned with Algorand and beyond. Currently, 10% of all sales go straight to the MetaDAO treasury.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.