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Metaverse: Debut of multiple ETFs and equities in Korea


South Korea is proving to be a popular Asian market for investing on the metaverse. The country has been launching a plethora of exchange-traded instruments (ETFs) and equities recently.

Many newly established Korean metaverse-focused ETFs have seen double-digit gains this month. Moreover outpacing the benchmark country’s Kospi Index’s 0.3 percent decrease.


Since their October 13 launch, prices for the Mirae Asset Tiger Fn Metaverse ETF, the country’s largest by market value, the Samsung Kodex K-Metaverse Active ETF, the NH-Amundi HANARO K-Metaverse MZ ETF, and the KB KBSTAR iSelect Metaverse’s ETF have all risen by at least 24 percent.

Since their inception, the new Korean Metaverse ETFs have seen a significant increase in their value.

“South Korea is the world’s fastest-growing metaverse’s ETF market, with assets of $100 million in just under two weeks,” according to Intelligence analyst Rebecca Sin. “Retail demand is driving flows, and this trend should continue in the region, with Australia and Taiwan expected to follow.”

Since Facebook Inc. changed its name to Meta Platforms Inc. in late October to underscore the concept’s shift in focus. The term “metaverse,” which incorporates virtual and augmented reality, has become a buzzword in the markets. As investors aim to get a piece of a market to be worth $800 billion by 2024, everything from U.S.-listed ETFs to Taiwanese ISPs to Chinese virtual reality equities has exploded.

According to recent data, Korean metaverse ETFs have received a total of $278 million in flows this year. And with the majority of it coming in the last week. According to BI’s Sin, AUM in these funds might top $600 million by the end of the year. With retail investors accounting for 90% of the record flows.

“During the recent earnings season, the metaverse theme was clearly obvious for Korean devs,” Morgan Stanley analyst Seyon Park noted. Furthermore, NCSoft Corp. was upgraded to overweight by the brokerage on Tuesday, bringing it in line with Pearl Abyss Corp.

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