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Metaverse: French startup Powder, “camera of the Metaverse”


Powder, a French startup, is aiming at becoming the “camera of the metaverse” by using games to accelerate social interactions. It makes use of machine learning technology to improve the user experience by automatically identifying the highlights of their game and showing them to other players on the platform who share their interests.


According to Powder co-founder Stanislas Coppin, “Gaming and mobile video are both thriving, thanks to the short form. We’re putting together a link between these two realms. It seems strange to us that sharing one’s best gaming memories with like-minded folks is so difficult. We’re working to find a solution to this issue.”

Gamers may import recorded gaming footage from mobile, PC, and consoles using the startup’s platform. After that, players can use the Powder video editor to edit their game clips.

Powder, a french startup.

Stanislas Coppin, Barthelemy Kiss, Yannis Mangematin, and Christian Navelot co-founded the company. Powder was conceived in December 2019. At first, developers established a Discord (a community-building website) community to better understand how players were uploading game footage.

“The community erupted and swelled to over 50,000 members in no time”. “When we learned how much people wanted to make, edit, and share game footage, we thought we’d hit on something that might have a huge influence on millions of gamers across all platforms,” Stanislas reminisces.

Powder was first released on the App Store on April 10, 2020. It has since been downloaded over 1.5 million times, mostly in the U.S.

“We believe that everyone who plays any game on any platform for as little as 5 minutes may make great video content,” Stanislas explains. “As we spend more and more time in games, the moment has come for the creation of the metaverse camera”.

Therefore, the startup aspires to be the Metaverse camera. Indeed, people are increasingly spending more time online, playing games, and the company intends to allow people to save their favorite moments here in perpetuity.

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