Metaverse: MoviePass is taking part in the digital rush

MoviePass is set to return this summer after being swooped up and resuscitated by its original co-founder Stacy Spikes. During a launch presentation on Thursday, Spikes took the stage in New York to hype the relaunch of his embattled movie ticket subscription service.

There was a lot of hype and, oddly enough, references to Web3 technology. However, Spikes failed to disclose MoviePass’ metaverse goals on stage.



“Some of the participants in the metaverse right now seem a little game-y”. Spikes tells The Verge, “when I feel like you just want to watch the movie”. “You don’t need fake popcorn, you don’t need tomatoes, you don’t need any of the other ingredients”. That’s how we’re looking at it, and that’s something we’re taking seriously because we believe we’ll be able to contribute.”

Spikes pitched a product that felt a little less like a possible bomb than the adored but catastrophic dirt-cheap, limitless viewing edition of the service during the Thursday launch event. And he’s prepared to use just about any means possible to resurrect the memesub, including digital currency and the metaverse.

Consumers or even theaters may not be ready for MoviePass 2.0

The issue is that it’s uncertain whether consumers or, for that matter, movie theaters are ready for MoviePass 2.0. A movie subscription based on virtual reality and decentralized technology generates the same amount of excitement as AMC investing in cryptocurrency.

“One of the best things about going to the movies is that you can watch it without interruption. You can’t stop it; all you can do is pay attention, and if you don’t, your money will be wasted,” Spikes says. “And what we enjoy about it is that it allows us to watch events.” And I believe event witnessing is possible in the metaverse.”

Spikes remained tight-lipped about the company’s metaverse plans. He suggested concerts and live events as a potential area of interest — “We look at ourselves as a live event company,” Spikes says — but it appears to be long-term planning at this point.

Spikes’ ultimate goal for MoviePass hasn’t changed

Spikes’ ultimate purpose for MoviePass hasn’t altered despite all the jargon. The main function of the service is still to place individuals in real seats at theaters, and according to Spikes, the new MoviePass will allow consumers greater flexibility and a better experience while also benefiting theaters.

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