YouTube is exploring NFT and game streaming concepts in the metaverse

YouTube on Thursday elaborated on its blockchain and metaverse plans for 2022, saying it could harness the emerging technologies to cut fraud in the fast-growing digital art market and offer a more social viewing experience for gaming content.

In the face of increased competition from ByteDance Inc’s TikTok and Meta Platforms Inc’s. Instagram, the world’s largest streaming service, owned by Alphabet Inc’s Google, has worked to retain customers with greater advice about planned features during the past year.

YouTube announced last month that it was looking into Web3 technologies including non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Which are video snippets, art, or other digital assets linked to the blockchain record-keeping system. find out more



YouTube suggested that it could make NFTs safer bets.

Last year, NFT sales increased, but critics claim that frauds, copyright theft, and other exploitative practices are all too widespread.

One feature option, according to YouTube, would be to provide ways to authenticate the integrity of materials using its video collection.

Giving fans a legitimate means to own unique movies, images, art. Additionally experiences from their favorite creators might be an appealing proposition for creators and their audience, according to the blog.

The metaverse, a component of the Web3 movement that defines shared virtual worlds where people often communicate through avatars, has also been promoted by YouTube.

One YouTube idea’s to allow users to watch videos in the metaverse

YouTube claimed it didn’t have any concrete plans yet. However one potential is allowing viewers to watch videos in a metaverse together. For the time being, it will concentrate on films relating to “gaming”. W ith the goal of “bringing more interactions to games and making them feel more alive,” according to the site.

Meta is investing billions of dollars in virtual and augmented reality technology. Moreover ByteDance introduced a mobile app for gathering in a metaverse last month.

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