NFL steps in the metaverse with a Roblox feature

The National Football League has expanded its metaverse presence with the launch of a new ‘NFL Tycoon’ experience in the Roblox video game ahead of Super Bowl LVI this weekend.

Roblox is a free-to-play (F2P) online gaming universe geared towards kids in which they may create avatars, construct their own game regions, and engage in games and events.



The game boasts more than 50 million daily active users. In addition the NFL, which already operates an online store on the site, believes Roblox is a great way to reach out to the next generation of football enthusiasts.

NFL its the first major North American sports league to have a persistent presence on Roblox

The NFL claims to be the first major North American sports organization to have a long-term presence on Roblox. Which it plans to use to host live events and provide gaming experiences. ‘NFL Tycoon,’ an interactive game developed by metaverse specialists Melon in which players create their own NFL-themed universe. Additionally try their hand at club ownership, is the main attraction.

Super Bowl engagement to be driven by stadium roof tweets and digital NFL clothing

The venue will also hold events related to the NFL schedule. The first of these is ‘Destruction House,’ which is a tie-in with a forthcoming Super Bowl television commercial. Moreover players can ‘playfully’ demolish a neighbor’s home to unlock. In addition purchase limited-edition virtual products inspired by the Super Bowl, the two rival teams, and the NFL itself.

“We see Roblox as an extension of the NFL’s real-life engagement platforms for expanding social connection where fans can learn about the game. And the business side of NFL football,” said Joe Ruggiero, the NFL’s senior vice president of consumer products.

We are happy to be a part of this dynamic area that will continue to expand with new experiences over time. Additionally it’s a new frontier for the league.”

“Our community will have more ways to show their passion thanks to our collaboration with NFL. A digital innovator,” said Christina Wootton, vice president of global brand partnerships at Roblox.

“We’re looking forward to seeing sports and entertainment expand to include more entertaining, real. In addition engaging experiences that push the creative envelope and bring fans closer to some of the most memorable moments in sports and culture.”

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.