MetaVolution to disrupt the P2E ecosystem

MetaVolution is an Ethereum-based Play-to-Earn (P2E) on-chain game. It mixes a play-as-you-go philosophy with a strong emphasis on plot and seasons. MetaVolution mixes high-quality graphics with complicated yet simple tokenomics.

On the Ethereum network, MetaVolution takes place on-chain. It’s a browser-based game in which players stake/unstake, go on missions, and so on via a web interface

Users can start earning Metropy ($TROPY) by staking their NFTs on reveal. They’ll also be able to mint two collections right away after the reveal: Obelisks and Lands.

The second NFT compilation to be released on reveal is An Obelisk. It will be utilized to earn extra $TROPY and, eventually, to secure a land, since you will need to burn four obelisks.

In the MetaVolution ecosystem, the Lands are NFTs that have utility. They not only create $TROPY, but they will also assist you in progressing through Season 1 and Season 2.

“You will get access to tasks after these mints and finally meet Luciverse, the game’s enemy,” according to the project’s website. As Season 1 progresses, you’ll be able to acquire limited merch drops for holders only, redeem whitelist places from a few select projects with MetaVolution’s currency, a free VIP+ ticket to the world’s largest NFT conference in June (virtual), and many more exciting surprises.”

MetaVolution’s main currency is Metropy, which can be obtained by staking your Immortals (NFTs). It will be utilized to create Obelisks and lands, complete missions, increase leaderboard points, secure WL slots from various initiatives, and more.

For as long as they have the NFT, every MetaVolution NFT holder receives a free “MetaVolution Fam Pass!” that includes a VIP pass to every virtual NFT World Conference event. They’ll also receive access to the company’s exclusive NFT analytics software.

Users will also get the opportunity to meet the project’s leadership team, socialize with other MetaVolution NFT holders, hear from the founders of other prominent on-chain games, and be at the forefront of on-chain gaming.




Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.