Royalty Black Card is a new NFT project

Royalty Black Card is a real-world ERC-721 non-fungible token based on the Ethereum network. Every week, all holders will have access to an exclusive club that provides passive income and life-changing gifts.

Transparency and fairness are important to the company. Furthermore, the organization aspires to be the most generous blockchain protocol. The Royalty Black Card is an NFT and elite membership that is “essentially free.” They provide all of its members with a low-risk, high-reward platform. Enjoy fantastic passive income that grows each week. The goal behind this endeavor was to give back. The company is proud of itself and strives to make a good difference in as many lives as possible.

The Royalty Black Card is a premium membership that grants access to a once-in-a-lifetime chance and experience. They also hope to be the first to provide fresh inventive ideas and distinctive features to the NFT marketplace, in the hopes that other projects would follow suit. One of their many unique goals is to provide a substantial amount of weekly passive income to all of our members in the form of a “Royalty,” which is how they got their name. The ultimate goal is to make this incredible concept into a REAL LIFE UTILITY: the Royalty Debit Card.

NFTs are all the same. The art, on the other hand, will take your breath away! It’s a wonderful work of art, and Royalty Black Card is confident that they’ll agree after seeing it. The NFT is a key to gaining entry to their private membership.

Holders have no limit on the number of transactions they can make or the quantity of NFTs they can keep per wallet

When the price of a Royalty Black Card reaches a minimum threshold of 1 ETH, the company will begin hosting a lively and thought-provoking AMA session every week, which will be immediately followed by a live giveaway. The members will have the opportunity to compete for a wide range of rewards. One fortunate winner will be selected each week to receive the grand prize of one Bitcoin.




Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.