RRGC are uniquely designed NFTs

The Royal Rhino Golf Club is home to a collection of 10,000 one-of-a-kind rhinos, each of which is distinguished by its own set of unique characteristics. The Rhinos are avid golfers and the most prolific landowners in the metaverse when it comes to golf courses. Each Rhino is a member of the Royal Rhino Golf Club and will have a stake in the ownership of real estate in the metaverse.

This real estate will be utilized for hosting golfing competitions and tournaments, as well as for marketing and gaming purposes. The Rhinos will receive continuous rewards and airdrops in an effort to return as much value as is humanly possible to them.

NFT Holders will be a member of a wonderful community that will have the opportunity to play golf and hang out in the Metaverse, and they will own a portion of a digital land portfolio

“We have the goal of producing the highest possible amount of value for our community, and to that end, we intend to produce financial incentives for those who possess NFT. Token handouts are going to be the medium for delivering these rewards.”

While the core team will be responsible for driving and guiding the project, the community as a whole will have a significant say in how final choices are made through the use of the Crash DAO. A “crash” is a gathering of rhinos. In addition, the land that is held will be utilized in such a way as to produce the most potential return, whether that return comes from rental income or advertising yield.

To be eligible to take part in the Crash Decentralized Autonomous Organization, holders need to have owned a Royal Rhino Golf Club NFT for a period of at least five months. The Core Team, which consists of three Rhinos who have been friends for a long time and all have experience working in the financial industry, is one of the most valuable aspects of the project.

They have the essential experience, honesty, and confidence in the Metaverse and Crypto to execute on project goals and produce as much value as is possibly conceivable. They have been interested in cryptocurrencies for more than a year and have invested in various projects and PAs.

Holders are aware that community and transparency (which, in essence, defines the primary advantage of the blockchain) is the most crucial part of any project, and this is shown in the manner in which they communicate with members of the community.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.