Seoul Digital Foundation: New office opening in the metaverse

The Seoul Digital Foundation aims to apply key technologies of the fourth industrial revolution. Like metaverse and artificial intelligence, to administrative tasks.

Gather Town, Seoul’s virtual reality public place, has built a metaverse office.

The ‘office,’ according to the Seoul Digital Foundation (SDF), will be in use of advising conferences with lecturers or specialists. As well as internal meetings with workers who work from home.

Seoul Digital Foundation


Fourth industrial revolution

The SDF aspires to use major fourth-industrial-revolution technologies to administrative responsibilities, such as metaverse and artificial intelligence (AI). The foundation intends to integrate metaverse across its whole work process in order to help the South Korean capital improve its competitiveness as a global smart city.

The foundation’s headquarters in Sangam-dong will be replicated in the metaverse office. At least once a month, weekly meetings will be held in the metaverse office.

Employees that work remotely can control their attendance using the platform. Where they will appear as avatars and their attendance will be recorded when they are’seated’ in the office.

Citizens can login to the link ( and tour the workplace with their avatar in the meantime. The president’s office, conference room, employee’s lounge, spotlight podium for announcements, and even promotional posters are all replicated in the metaverse office, according to SDF. The SDF intends to use the metaverse platform to give relevant information to Seoul residents in the future.

The foundation will add the “Citizen Platform” feature to SMG’s “Metaverse Seoul”

In addition, the foundation will add the ‘Citizen Platform’ feature to SMG’s upcoming ‘Metaverse Seoul’. Seoul residents will be able to design their own space and content. The foundation will also organize exhibitions after the project is complete.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) and the Seoul Development Foundation (SDF) will also conduct an annual event to encourage citizens to participate in the metaverse platform.

“By combining the real and virtual worlds, the metaverse provides new experiences and transcends reality’s limits.” The Seoul Digital Foundation’s president, Kang Yo-Sik, stated, “We will take advantage of such benefits in our public policies.”

“Physical limitations prevent some residents from taking advantage of all of the services we offer.” We will do everything we can to use Metaverse Seoul to provide equal services to all Seoul residents.”

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.