Strange Connection is a new web3.0 experience

Designed from the ground up to be a way for people to connect & mutually support each other without all the noise, SC is a WEB3 experience and an NFT project.

“Strange connections might just alter how people perceive a community. For those who struggle to fit in on WEB3, we want to establish a support network. We’re all for trying things out in new ways. We want to hear from you on both sides of the story.”

“Our artwork represents your darker side; figures from your second identity appear behind the character to reveal their darker conscience. Eye-drip characteristics reflect our emotions as they overwhelm us”

The company’s mission is to continue to support the MH in space and to foster an atmosphere that encourages real connections. The business wants to alter how people communicate online, but first they must lay the groundwork. For the use case, a standard community “Discord experience” wouldn’t do. Many of the conflicts surrounding MH are ongoing and call for constant support, making the nft community the ideal place to find like-minded people. In addition, they want to offer a practical use for holding as opposed to simply waiting for something to fall.

Including members of the community who are dealing with problems in their daily lives, using techniques including journaling, interpersonal reflection, mindfulness, and evidence-based methods.

Supported by the MH check-ins on Twitter and Discord. Encouraging members of the community to publish alongside their fellow group members in an easily accessible location using the hashtag #SCNFT. Enabling the community to encourage one another while witnessing others go through their adventure.

After all shares have been sold, the company will have weekly MH Talks with certified experts assisted by community leaders who will eventually come out to share their own stories and drive the movement for the newcomers based on their own experiences and journeys.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.