$THTF about to launch a new metaverse game

$THTF is launching a new gaming metaverse that promises to be among the best in the industry. The platform is set in the Wild West and offers an exciting play-to-earn action-based gaming experience.Users may also interact with other gamers and participate in immersive gunfights, roulettes, and duels, as well as experience emotions not present in ordinary life.

The More They Fall, the Harder They Fall The makers hope to create a great game metaverse that allows users to experience themselves as Wild West heroes. Users will fight their way across enemy territory and take control of it. The problem is that the farther they go, the more dangerous their opponents will become. As a result, the more difficult they come, the more difficult they fall.



Here’s the exciting premise of THTF

It is the year 1894. As a horse gallops through the streets of a tiny town, dust begins to billow. It finally comes to a halt. A man dressed in bell-bottoms, a leather shirt, and a cowboy hat steps off the horse. He takes a long look around before focusing on his target, you. You suddenly know he’s coming to get rid of you. You draw your weapon, and a combat starts. Who will emerge victorious? That’s something you’ll have to determine when you play $THTF.

The P2E duel-style game set in the Wild West is still under development. In early January 2022, gamers and crypto aficionados should be able to use the platform.

$THTF: The Native Token of the New Metaverse

The native token of the future P2E game is $THTF. The token with a Wild West theme aspires to be the future leader among meme tokens. Above all, it aims to demonstrate to the competitors that there is a new sheriff in town.

The token creators recognize that each meme token has the potential to go to the moon. All that is required for the coin’s value to rise is community support. As a result, they’ve created a formidable marketing plan in order to foster a vibrant community and catapult the token to new heights.

Furthermore, the excellent project intends to collaborate with major influencers and use crypto media to promote their coin. The team’s ambition is to get its token into the top 100 on CoinMarketCap, but anything is possible.

The $THTF designers chose the Binance Smart Chain to produce their cryptocurrency. As a result, the game will be more efficient and accessible to all players.

How to Earn in the $THTF Metaverse

$THTF offers access to the metaverse and allows value transfer throughout the in-game economy as the game’s native token. It also provides a mechanism for holders to make passive income thanks to its superior tokenomics.

$THTF is, in essence, a win-win investment. This is due to the token’s restricted quantity of 1B tokens, with a starting price of $0.0012 at launch.

Finally, the play-to-earn approach allows players to get rewarded in cryptocurrency merely for playing. While enjoying their enthusiasm for mayhem, murder, carnage, death, and delicious triumph, $THTF members exchange their time for real money.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.