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Metaverse July 31, 2022

UFO Gaming holds metaverse launch event



An breaking launch party for the UFO Gaming Metaverse and the Staking dApp on Polygon is set to take place.

Today, July 29, at ten in the morning Eastern Daylight Time, anyone can go to the Metaverse Launch Party for the UFO Gaming and Staking dApp on Polygon (MATIC). The launch of UFO Gaming’s game and the Staking decentralized application will be celebrated with a party open to all that will be held in a unique location called the Dark Metaverse. UFO Gaming is very excited to make this announcement and party.

An exclusive launch party is on the way

The launch party will conclude with the unveiling and launch of the long-awaited UFO Gaming staking decentralized application (dApp), which will allow anyone to receive UFO and Plasma rewards on the Polygon network. There will also be a special Easter Egg hunt that will take place in the Dark Metaverse. Building a Metaverse gaming platform on Web3 and a high-quality game like Super Galactic took over six months for UFO Gaming to complete. The debut of Polygon that took place today is just the beginning. The first game in the Dark Metaverse, Super Galactic, is now available for download on Windows and Android, and it will soon be available for download on both the iPhone and the Mac.

UFO Gaming (UFO) is a fully decentralized gaming platform that allows gamers to earn while playing traditional games by bridging such games onto the blockchain. UFO Gaming is a cutting-edge gaming company that was established by a group of people who are passionate about both gaming and cryptocurrency. Their goal is to bring the gaming industry to the next level by releasing blockchain technology within a play-to-earn economy.

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Yakuza NFTs are releasing shortly



Yakuza begins with a collection of 10,000 avatars that grant holders membership access to The Gang. The Gang is a section of the internet where artists, builders, and web3 aficionados congregate to collaborate on creating a decentralized future. Yakuza is a digital collectible card game. Yakuza members get access to exclusive drops and experiences. Yakuza members get access to exclusive drops and experiences.

“When our game P2E is finally available online, we will be holding special giveaways for players.”

Yakuza are non-fungible tokens that are created at random. They are also referred to as “NFTs.” There are 10000 different Yakuza, and each Yakuza has their own personality and characteristics. There is no such thing as a generic Yakuza. A smart contract was used to generate the Yakuza, and each member of the gang has their own unique characteristics. On the Polygon blockchain, Yakuza can be created, kept, and exchanged.

Yakuza will form partnerships with prestigious clothing and product firms in order to produce limited collaborations of real-world clothing and upcoming metaverse wearables.

First drops of branded apparel and merchandise are being made available on the newly launched online store

First-of-its-kind educational and networking event with a cryptocurrency/NFT focus for holders of NFT, featuring special guests as well as optional experiences similar to those found at spiritual retreats. All holders who sign up for the meetup and are able to travel will have access to this ground-breaking event, which has never been done in real life before.

As an innovation incubator and an alpha group, Yakuza is moving forward with the launch of new goods, services, and NFT collections with the goal of providing its members with increased utility and value over the long term.

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Artatak is designing a metaverse space



The new Boris Brejcha NFT collection will go on display and be promoted in a special metaverse by Artatak starting on August 5th, 2022.

Participants will be connected to Boris’ virtual realm on, where they will be able to interact with the artist and other attendees to create an NFT immersive experience. This event is being hosted in collaboration with metaverse designer Herve Simoes.

Any platform, including virtual reality, augmented reality, mobile, and the web, can be used to see and participate in the virtual event. Visitors can purchase NFTs or participate in any scheduled virtual events or gatherings

The ancient temple hidden deep within the cosmos that creates the melodies and sounds that make up techno divinity is the topic of Boris’ metaverse. The majestic duck rests in the magnificent fountain, in contrast to the golden veal, and the flamboyant landscape invites users to explore and transcend with it.

After making his debut in 2006 with the double EP releases of “Monster” and “Yellow Kitchen,” Boris Brejcha has since spent the years establishing his own musical style, which he has dubbed “High-Tech Minimal.” The man wearing the masquerade-style, jester-face mask is one of the dance music industry’s hardest workers. Last year, he released three EPs, “Vodka & Orange,” “Matrix,” and “EXIT,” as well as the critically praised album Never Stop Dancing. The celebrated artist opened 2022 with his critically acclaimed single “Up Down Jumper” and a remix of “Astronautin” by fellow German maestro Stephan Bodzin, refusing to let up.

ArtAtak is a one-of-a-kind NFT incubator that offers full internal services to help luxury brands, museums, art galleries, and artists enter the NFT market. The U.S. startup, made up of a group of specialists with wide-ranging knowledge, staged the first NFT event in Paris, Unvirtual Paris, in February of this year. They work together to design, develop, market, sell, and ‘META’ exhibit NFT collections.

German watchmaker Blaken, one of the world’s top service providers for the personalization and customization of luxury timepieces, has been in business since 2009 and has locations in about twelve different countries.

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DFS launched new metaverse beauty campaign



The DFS Group, which is the most successful luxury travel retailer in the world, is getting ready to welcome customers into its brand-new and first-ever virtual universe, which is called DFS World. This will take place between the months of August and September and will be the company’s largest-ever annual beauty campaign.

Through a combination of in-store activations as well as a fully interactive, shoppable digital luxury playground, the campaign invites customers to discover the limitless possibilities of beauty, ranging from premium skincare and fragrances to new and emerging trends. The campaign’s name is “Open Up Your Horizons,” and it invites customers to discover the limitless possibilities of beauty.

From the first of August until the last day of September, customers can take advantage of special offers that are only available during the Annual Beauty Campaign from one of the more than 50 beauty brands that are stocked in the shop, such as M.A.C., Dior, and Estée Lauder. Customers who spend at least $150 will be eligible to receive a limited-edition mystery box containing a special redemption code that will allow them to enter DFS’s very first virtual universe and claim their very own unique NFT.

This box will only be available for a limited time

When customers make purchases in the Beauty department totaling $200 or more, they will automatically be entered into an exciting raffle drawing for a chance to win fantastic prizes. Customers who spend more than $3,000 across the store will be eligible to receive a dinner for two at the Loria Restaurant located within the Kensington Hotel.

Loyal T members will receive an additional ten percent off their Beauty purchases when they spend at least $150. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to play the Bubble Catcher for the chance to win exclusive beauty gifts or a chance to participate in the raffle.

DFS places the utmost importance on ensuring that both its customers and its employees are healthy and safe. DFS is adhering to all of the health and safety guidelines that have been established by the government agencies and public health officials, and it is taking all of the available precautionary measures to protect the people who are in the store. DFS will continue to make the necessary adjustments.

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