Verlux, a Cardano-based NFT marketplace, to launch

Verlux wants to build a decentralized marketplace where users can rapidly sell their NFTs by connecting a Cardano online wallet.

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As of December 9, 2021, more than 80% of the seed sales of Verlux, a Cardano-based cross-chain NFT marketplace, had been completed. The sale of the 250 million tokens set out for the project’s seed opened the way for a substantial NFT marketplace in the Cardano ecosystem.

Cardano’s traditional NFT marketplaces use a sign-up or login panel, whereas Verlux plans to utilise link wallet technology to take a more decentralized approach.

Verlux’s NFT marketplace allows digital producers, meme creators, and artists to rapidly and easily monetize their digital creations in non-fungible tokens.

$VLX token.

The Cardano $VLX blockchain native utility coin will power the Verlux NFT marketplace. A total of one billion $VLX tokens have been issued. They will serve on the platform in a variety of ways, including NFT, Stake To Earn, as well as creator profile checks. The token will also be useful for governance, allowing token holders to vote on platform improvements.

VLX’s token distribution’s golad was to assure a fair distribution of tokens to early adopters while maintaining optimal decentralization. Furthermore, no more than 4% of the total quantity of $VLX tokens will be held by any single address.

The Staking option will allow $VLX token holders to earn up to 8% in $VLX tokens per year.

Furthermore, the initial sale of VLX tokens is currently underway. Users can purchase them by visiting the $VLX token sale page.

The initial offering comes before the pre-sale and exchange listing. The token allocation is at 25% (250,000,000). And the price for 555 VLX is 1 ADA.

On Cardano, there are a few blockchain markets, but Verlux has already revealed its user interface design and begun work on the marketplace’s user flow and structure.

According to Verlux, the Cardano ecosystem will launch a fully operating, interoperable NFT marketplace in Q1 2022. The funds collected from the sale of $VLX tokens will serve to expand the project.

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