VIVERSE develops a new metaverse space

VIVERSE, HTC’s metaverse platform announced a strategic agreement with Shawn Yue’s ZombieClub to create a Web 3.0 metaverse experience and launch the “AWAKEN” NFT exhibition. Alliance members will release more projects together. In addition, the ZombieClub Token’s special NFT “ZombiePod Genesis” was published today.

From June 11 until July 10, “AWAKEN” will be free on VIVERSE

It’s Web 3.0. The strategic cooperation between VIVERSE and ZombieClub combines ZombieClub’s world-record-breaking NFTs and the VIVERSE Web 3.0 platform, allowing NFTs to reach a new metaverse dimension. NFTs are no longer just data or files in a crypto wallet, but metaverse artwork. The two businesses want to work on other events in the second half of 2022, including 3D full-body avatars entering the metaverse.

“HTC’s metaverse is VIVERSE. It offers cross-device access and is based on a decentralized blockchain vision. ‘AWAKEN’ makes it the world’s first metaverse platform to exhibit iconic NFT collections “Joseph Lin, VIVERSE president. “Together, we’ll create new metaverse experiences and disclose additional NFT features. We’re excited to partner with ZombieClub to explore crypto art in the metaverse and launch future crypto ventures.”

“The crypto community is looking forward to entering the metaverse,” said ZombieClub co-founder Disco.eth (Ned). This collaboration with VIVERSE to develop ‘AWAKEN’ empowers crypto art by entering the metaverse and giving NFTs a new shape in VIVERSE. ZombieClub Token holders can mint free ZombiePod Genesis NFTs today to promote their own NFTs on VIVERSE. For further information, ZombieClub Token holders can join the Discord server.

“AWAKEN” metaverse NFT exhibition visualizes crypto artworks in VIVERSE. The show has four rooms: “Light,” “Classic,” “Modern,” and “Cave.” VIVE ORIGINALS created “ZombieLab.” It has a ZombieClub-themed set. Portals lead to display rooms.

“Right Place & Right Time,” “1/1 Xcopy,” “CryptoPunks,” “Autoglyph,” and more will be displayed. The exhibition spaces use Web 3.0 metaverse elements to build an online 3D gallery beyond imagination, with various surprise spaces.

“AWAKEN” metaverse NFT installation runs June 11-July 10. Visitors can sign up for the VIVERSE portal and establish a digital avatar to enjoy the cross-device metaverse’s crypto artworks.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.