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Metaverse December 6, 2021

WNFT is Hong Kong’s first full-service NFT services provider



WNFT is committed to cultivating a culture in Hong Kong that welcomes NFTs and the growth of arts and culture. As well as using blockchain technology to produce NFT projects for both individuals and businesses.

metaverse nft wnft

It also acts as a business consultant for artists, providing crucial assistance such as market analysis and development roadmaps, with the goal of assisting artists in harnessing the digitalization market, enhancing their publicity, profile, and personal brand values in the art market. WNFT’s purpose is to expand possibilities and encourage people.

On December 3, 2021, the first lot of Patrick Lui, a local artist commissioned by the platform, auctionned his NFT collection for 0.0038 ETH. On Opensea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace, all tokens were sold in just 5 minutes.

Patrick Lui shared his delight after hearing the good news: “The outcomes are really promising. I’d want to express my gratitude to WNFT for their real support in entering the world of NFTs. It is, in fact, a boon to the arts and cultural community as well as the token community.”

Following the success of Patrick’s NFT debut, the WNFT agency is collaborating with renowned artists. Yip Siu Chung and sand artist Snow Chung are to create their own NFT collection. Which would add to the firm’s already varied portfolio.

No boundaries.

The WNFT team is optimistic about the future of the expanding collaborative platform. While investigating the possibilities of collaboration with specialists from many industries, the team has been assisting artists in creating their own WNFTs.

As a facilitator, WNFT brought together Yip Siu Chung, Snow Chung, and Patrick Lui to collaborate on a collection of NFTs in 2022, which will be an unprecedented cross-industry collaboration as well as a major event in the arts and culture sphere.

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Metatrends is an upcoming NFT project



Metatrends is an invitation-only fashion community that features a collection of 4321 unique, highly detailed NFTs. It is an initiative in which participants are given the opportunity to realize their DREAM STYLE. Metatrends is a community that works together to build the luxury fashion metaverse, which functions as a venue for the most outlandish ideas.

The ability to express yourself in the metaverse through the use of metatrends is a skill that can be brought into the physical world. Everyone will have the opportunity to discover their own style and present it to the entire world. The Metatrends NFT collection will be made available for owners of whitelists on advantageous purchase terms. After some time has passed, the remainder of the collection will be put up for auction at a public sale that will be available to the general public.

Those who own NFTs will be eligible to obtain a free AIRDROP of metaland, which can be fashioned into a work of art. It makes no difference whether holders integrate their NFTs from other projects into the system

“The power of the people is reflected in what we call metatrends. We are unstoppable because we have crafted this power for ourselves. We are always seeking for talented new people to join our team, whether they be artists, marketers, programmers, or bloggers. One of our highest priorities is to make improvements to the studio.”

The company intends to build further collections in addition to the Metatrends line. They reinvest some of the earnings in the development of their project, their staff, their marketing, and the development of the best P2E game ever. Additionally, they work to enhance their positions in the NFT market.

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HyperNation holds metaverse conference



HyperNation, the first virtual nation, has made ripples in the metaverse since its birth. Next global online conference starts at 1000 EST on August 22, 2022, with updates, news, and event freebies. The much-anticipated summit will draw millions of spectators from around the world. The audience may expect to discover how to access this unique nation to network, study, create, and play during the conference.

HyperNation accepts people of all races, statuses, religions, and creeds. This global online conference will have a teaser, giveaways, and pertinent information. For the major event, HyperNation’s ambassador, Mr. H, will stamp a blueprint for the future of HyperNation. HyperNation will announce project details and future plans.

HyperNation will introduce HyperNation Token (HNT), backed by HyperNation Dollar (HND). HyperNation will be created on Binance Smart Chain and listed on DEX soon. HyperNation will present a unique quiz section to give away limited-edition gifts, airdrops, and more.

“HyperNation is committed to fixing societal concerns, thus we encourage everyone to stand up for what they believe in. Additionally, HyperNation is also where brands and organizations can connect with like-minded people.”

Future additions include a talent platform and host

Extended Reality conferences employing cutting-edge technologies (XR). HyperNation expands and democratizes the digital environment.

“We’re establishing a sustainable economic system in the metaverse by bridging the digital and physical worlds. HyperNation is where blockchain enthusiasts may buy land, NFTs, work, socialize, and play games. More than just virtual assets and NFTs. Users can customize an avatar’s hairdo, dress, accessories, backdrop, and facial traits.”

HyperNation is a virtual nation unbound by borders and time and place. In this utopia, humans are free from life’s restraints.

HyperNation’s economic consensus advocates egalitarian policies that benefit everyone. The friendly virtual reality also implements Universal Basic Income, where citizens get a monthly payment to cover basic needs. Crypto lovers and savvy investors shouldn’t miss the HyperNation worldwide virtual conference.

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Wiztales release e-commerce metaverse



Wiztales, one of the fastest-growing event tech platforms, launched Altyug today. The brand encourages customers to experience life in the virtual world, where the platform enables shopping, 2D hypercasual gaming, intuitive interactions with colleagues, and exploring multiple immersive, realistic, and futuristic venues with the click of a button while sitting at home. Altyug helps retail companies buy metaverse land.

Customers can visit branded stores on the metaverse, walk up to a mannequin or apparel item, see it in AR, and buy it on the website. Brands and tech companies are moving to the metaverse

Altyug’s debut Wiztales CEO Sumanyu Soniwal remarked, “Wiztales is about experiences. We’ve only scratched the surface with Wiz365. We made virtual surroundings comfortable. It’s elevated. Altyug is game-changing. With Altyug, our users can be INSIDE the experiences we’ve built for them with no boundaries. We’ll transform the Retail and Event Industries. Future industries will be shaped by virtual collaborative shopping with digital experiences and interactive events. Proud to lead an emerging Indian business.”

Wiztales’ VP of Product and Strategy says, “Altyug enables individuals to work, play, communicate, shop, and engage with each other and companies in a single virtual universe. Brands may create virtual and immersive experiences for customers to purchase for physical and virtual products, attend events, connect with new product launches, play games, and socialize.”

The newly developed technology will be a one-stop solution for retail firms to recruit customers in the metaverse and assess product traction. Since the experience is real-time, brands may obtain rapid client orders, feedback on their products, and customer taste and preferences. Altyug’s introduction will transform the business by giving the best virtual experience and fostering a fresh vision. These advancements will help future industry participants.

“Wiztales is the fastest-growing Event Tech Platform. We enable organizations by combining live and virtual events to create unforgettable experiences for worldwide audiences. We’ve helped 150+ businesses perform 1000+ virtual events with 1 million viewers in the previous 3 years.”

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