WNFT is Hong Kong’s first full-service NFT services provider

WNFT is committed to cultivating a culture in Hong Kong that welcomes NFTs and the growth of arts and culture. As well as using blockchain technology to produce NFT projects for both individuals and businesses.

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It also acts as a business consultant for artists, providing crucial assistance such as market analysis and development roadmaps, with the goal of assisting artists in harnessing the digitalization market, enhancing their publicity, profile, and personal brand values in the art market. WNFT’s purpose is to expand possibilities and encourage people.

On December 3, 2021, the first lot of Patrick Lui, a local artist commissioned by the platform, auctionned his NFT collection for 0.0038 ETH. On Opensea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace, all tokens were sold in just 5 minutes.

Patrick Lui shared his delight after hearing the good news: “The outcomes are really promising. I’d want to express my gratitude to WNFT for their real support in entering the world of NFTs. It is, in fact, a boon to the arts and cultural community as well as the token community.”

Following the success of Patrick’s NFT debut, the WNFT agency is collaborating with renowned artists. Yip Siu Chung and sand artist Snow Chung are to create their own NFT collection. Which would add to the firm’s already varied portfolio.

No boundaries.

The WNFT team is optimistic about the future of the expanding collaborative platform. While investigating the possibilities of collaboration with specialists from many industries, the team has been assisting artists in creating their own WNFTs.

As a facilitator, WNFT brought together Yip Siu Chung, Snow Chung, and Patrick Lui to collaborate on a collection of NFTs in 2022, which will be an unprecedented cross-industry collaboration as well as a major event in the arts and culture sphere.

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