Zen Fighters is a new metaverse VR game

Zen Fighters is an innovative esports game built natively for virtual reality that incorporates NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to achieve the vibrant ecosystem of a real sports market.

Players will be able to earn NFT prizes for their achievements in this game. Such as in-game items, new fighters, cosmetic upgrades, or $ZENY tokens. Additionally keep everything in their personal crypto wallet. Which they can later sell for any other cryptocurrency on global blockchain marketplaces like OpenSea, making it a play-to-earn game.

Zen Fighters is a one-on-one competitive activity that is only available in virtual reality. Using aspects from both Harry Potter’s Quidditch and Pokémon Go, as well as a Street Fighter-style matching system. The game challenges players to think quickly, predict their opponents’ actions. In addition modify their strategies based on their and their opponent’s fighters’ distinct superpowers.

Zen Fighters


Game Lore Behind Zen Fighters

In the Zen Republic metaverse, the solar system consists of a sun and seven planets around it. The populations of these worlds were able to come to an agreement on sharing the sun’s energy after millennia of cosmic strife over who owned the sun.

As a sign of their newfound brotherhood, they formed the Zen Fighters league, in which the best fighters from all around the Zen Republic compete against one another.

The NFT Fighters

In Zen Fighters, there are three different categories of fighters. Each from a different planet in the Zen Republic Metaverse: Martians, Reptilians, and Sumerians. These fighters are aesthetically different upgradable NFTs (hairstyle, body color, etc). Superpowers are the most significant characteristic of a warrior. A fighter is born with three non-changing abilities, some of which are more powerful than others.

The more experience points a fighter earns, the higher their level and the more additional superpowers they unlock, thus increasing their market value.

Play-To-Earn Game Model

In Zen Fighters, all assets are Non-Fungible Tokens that can be acquired with the game’s native money, $ZENY.

By creating an account, you’ll have access to a crypto wallet where you may store NFTs, $ZENY, and any other cryptocurrency.

Players, especially early supporters, have a good possibility of gaining money by playing the game.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.