BOTS provides real estate financing in the metaverse

BOTS, Inc., a global technology conglomerate specialized in Blockchain-based solutions including decentralized finance applications, cybersecurity, crypto generation, mining equipment repair, and extended warranty contracts, announced today the start of seller financing to accelerate the development of its upcoming Metaverse based on the terrestrial Las Vegas. BOTS acquired the domain VEGAS.MV for this project which will launch in early 2022.

To qualifying purchasers, we will offer up to 100% low-interest seller financing. As well as a small down payment secured by a note and deed of trust to less qualified buyers. In addition we believe we are pioneers who will establish the standard by demonstrating to the world that virtual real estate may include notes and deeds of trust.

We will also sell our seller-financed notes at a discount from face value to those daring investors ready to bet on the future of the new Metaverse worlds that are rapidly forming.

We will initially price the notes in USD, but Coin will be the first cryptocurrency we accept as interest and principal (COIN: CRO).



The Staples Center was rebranded as

The Staples Center was rebranded as, and CRO, the 15th largest crypto by market cap. In addition this marked the entrance of the crypto industry into the mainstream of American society. Which is why BTZI chose to spotlight $CRO in this regard.

“We believe that using seller financing for the Metaverse Economy and ‘VEGAS.MV’ is the most effective way to create a Vegas-style Metaverse with hotels, casinos, real estate. And a cornucopia of virtual entertainment. On www.Vegas.MV, which will become a worldwide online virtual platform for collective experiences connecting millions of people every day. In addition we plan to offer exclusive partnerships to develop a Metaverse experience “BOTS, Inc. Chairman and Interim CEO Simon Rubin stated.

MetaBOTSTM platform will allow consumers to own and manage their personal and business properties

Consumers, a variety of end-users, entertainers, company operators, influencers, and creative virtual real estate developers will be able to own and manage their personal and business properties in this Metaverse using the MetaBOTSTM platform.

The Vegas.MV city will also have intriguing 3D-themed entertainment options, a virtual golf course, and virtual restaurants where consumers can “walk in” and order from virtual menus, with orders delivered to their homes in real time. There will also be open virtual parks where users may play, meet virtual friends, and form communities.

Do you want to be mayor, sheriff, or something else in this virtual Vegas city? For this situation, we additionally incorporate seller financing.

BTZI has begun taking seller financing when selling its Vegas-style virtual real estate in this planned Metaverse development to the first participants who seek to get in early at a significant discount prior to completion in expectation of high demand from individuals, public and private companies. We’re also working on a cryptocurrency that will be one of the city’s future currencies.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.