Property’s aims to combine avatars and the metaverse

The Property’s project is on a mission to give avatar projects a home; explained in other words, to migrate Avatar projects from the wallet in which they would ordinarily reside, into the metaverse, a more befitting virtual world.

Konrad Probst and Joseph Effendy, two of the project’s creators, revealed some of the mystery surrounding the unique NFT solution in an exclusive interview with DailyCoin.



Property’s makes the process of developing a virtual estate next to seamless

To begin with, unlike most other metaverses currently available, Property’s makes the process of creating a virtual estate nearly seamless. A user must technically collect a number of cards, called ‘Bricks’, the ecosystem’s utility token. Combined, these Bricks create virtual properties such as houses, real estate, and other types of real estate where users can domicile their various avatars.

Property’s primary mission is to create NFT real estate for the metaverse while also providing residences for metaverse projects. In contrast, end users must collect NFT cards, which they then use to build their virtual properties. Earning them utility tokens known as “Bricks” in the process.

‘Bricks,’ as they are known in the metaverse, feed the ecosystem. In addition according to Probst, have no monetary worth except from the purchasing of avatars.

The “Peter Property” Narrative

Given the recent increase in the number of NFT projects, it has become increasingly difficult to create anything unique. As a result, supporting an NFT initiative with a true story is a surefire way to stand out from the crowd.

Property’s creator elected to front the NFT project with the tag word “Peter Property” in this fashion. Probst notes that the project makes use of Peter Property to give each virtual home a story.

People often fall in love with a house’s design or architecture, but when done digitally, it might be difficult to evoke the same sentiments that people would normally associate with it, as Probst noted.

“We linked a whole scenario where Peter Property is portrayed as the real estate agency’s boss; as a result, the name becomes the central figure around which the entire story revolves,” Konrad adds.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.