Cryptoverse is a new metaverse game by ChainGuardians

The team behind ChainGuardians, a player-driven play-to-earn RPG game, is launching The Cryptoverse, a gaming-focused metaverse. The goal is to create the ultimate Metaverse to bring blockchain gaming to the masses.



Cryptoverse brings companies and players together

Cryptoverse is a 3D virtual world under Unreal Engine 5, one of the most contemporary game engines on the market. Companies and gamers link together in one linked ecosystem that benefits both parties.

The social components of the cryptoverse, like those of a gaming metaverse. Include separate social levels, gamification techniques, and assets that members may own, like as avatars, autos, buildings, and land plots.

The Cryptoverse splits into eight zones, each represented by an archipelago of eight islands.

Each Zone has its own particular appearance, tailored to the demands of its inhabitants. Moreover, gamers and inhabitants of each Zone are allowed to customize it to their preferences. Resulting in an organic and ever-evolving virtual world.

The Hub, a central zone where all Cryptoversians convene, is also present. With a unique, neon-infused, and flowing environment, the Hub, which features a cyberpunk theme, will act as a melting pot for all of the other Zones. Moreover, builders may use sophisticated Dual Architecture SDKs to develop their animations and effects.

To enable maximum flexibility on the social layer, each land will use NFT sharding and combination capabilities. As well as unique social engagement choices including a karma-based reputation system and land clearing incentives.

Understanding the Metaverse

If mass manufacturing and the Internet characterized the twentieth century, the building and extension of the virtual world or Metaverse, which promises to be more immersive, interactive, and collaborative than the Internet has yet to achieve, may define the twenty-first century.

Indeed, blockchain technology has emerged as the backbone of the Metaverse and a basis for a sustainable environment for its players, according to projections and predictions made by numerous entrepreneurs experimenting in this industry.

The Metaverse may have an influence on traditional professions and activities, but it will have a far greater impact on society and how people interact.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.