Infosys unveils a new metaverse project

Bengaluru-based IT services major Infosys launched Metaverse Foundry that will help its clients with adaptation, creation and also help scale the new technology.



Infosys has already developed 100 use cases and is actively working with clients.

The move comes at a time when the metaverse is receiving a lot of attention from businesses all around the world. Companies ranging from Meta, previously Facebook, and Microsoft to IT services providers are heavily investing in the field.

Ravi Kumar S, President of Infosys, told media that the metaverse is no longer a buzzword. Moreover, it will play a significant role as we reach the post-pandemic period. When people would most likely wish to live in a combination of real and virtual worlds.

“We came up with the Metaverse Foundry concept because, while certain consumer businesses are aware of the use cases, a substantial proportion of our clients remain not”. As a result, the Foundry provides an experimental infrastructure where you may explore, build, and scale,” he explained.

To assist users in identifying use cases and templates, the business has created over 100 examples and templates. Reusing, and connecting to the metaverse utilizing Infosys platforms. “Once you find and build,” Ravi Kumar added, “we hope you (customers) would scale with us”. As a result, we have the option to assist you in scaling that infrastructure over time.”

The business already has a few customers. For example, it worked with Roland Garros and the Australian Open to create a virtual world where people can buy tennis-related items. And bring them to the real world where they can watch the match, or bring the immersiveness of the stadium into people’s living rooms. Which is sometimes better than watching it on the stadium.

Another emerging topic is digital twins, in which a manufacturing plan may be generated in the metaverse and then simulated.

He acknowledges, however, that they are still in the early phases. The early adopters are in the retail industry, notably in the shopping industry. “Over time, we shall watch how the metaverse evolves. But we’re on that runway. In addition, we’re catching it via this Foundry, so our customers can be on the runway ahead of their competitors,” Kumar added.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.