Twitter Competitor Koo Targets More Users With ChatGPT Integration

Twitter Competitor Koo Targets More Users With ChatGPT Integration

India-based social media platform Koo wants to enhance its users’ ability to create more content through its integration of the popular artificial intelligence (AI) tool, ChatGPT, according to a press statement.

Koo cofounder Mayank Bidawatka said the social media platform would allow users to generate content effortlessly with ChatGPT on its application’s dashboard. He added that users could leverage the tool to curate content about happenings in politics, technology, and other topics of their interest.

According to Bidawatka, ChatGPT could inspire users by providing trending news in their region. Besides that, users have the freedom to type other prompts for the AI tool or use Koo’s voice command functionality.

The cofounder believes the AI integration would push more users to create content on the application.

Koo to add a prompt showing if AI created the content

The Koo cofounder reportedly said it was important that “people should know if (a) content is AI-generated.”

Due to this, the social media application said it would work towards adding a prompt that shows whether a post was created by a human or with the aid of ChatGPT.

Meanwhile, the ChatGPT feature would only be available to verified Koo accounts. The platform said the AI tool would be rolled out for all its users at an undisclosed later date.

ChatGPT integration might help Koo lure more users

Integrating ChatGPT into Koo could provide the Indian social media application an edge over rivals like Twitter. The Indian social media app crossed 10 million users in India in September 2022 following Twitter’s repeated issues with the country’s regulatory agencies.

The application also made some inroads into Africa’s largest country by population Nigeria after the government banned Twitter’s use for some period. However, the gains appear to have eroded as the country’s government abandoned it after unbanning Twitter.

Meanwhile, Koo has had more than 50 million downloads since its launch in 2020, per the company.

With this AI integration, Koo could attract more creators and boost user engagement. This could help close the gap against other social media rivals enjoying superior adoption.

ChatGPT has become a massive sensation in technology with its human-like responses. The application helped Microsoft’s Bing cross 100 million daily users within a month of its integration.

What does this mean for the future of social media

Last year, several social media platforms, like Twitter, Reddit, etc., integrated web3 applications into their ecosystem. The increasing popularity of the AI narrative could spur these platforms into integrating these tools for their users.

Already, reports have emerged that Twitter’s CEO Elon Musk is recruiting a team to build a rival against OpenAI’s ChatGPT, as well as Koo and others.

Meanwhile, integrating AI generative text technology could potentially revolutionize social media postings. Users would be able to generate social media content more intuitively and efficiently. At the same time, they can create more engaging content that could boost the overall growth of the platform.

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