Author: Michelle D. Madsen

Hooty Owls is an interesting NFT project

Hooty Owls is an amazing collection of more than 10,000 one-of-a-kind Hooties that were developed by AI and are exploring the Ethereum blockchain. Every single Hooty is one of a kind and is generated by AI-powered learning engines. They are

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Cosmic Wire unveil tattoo art metaverse

Ivana Belakova, a well-known celebrity tattoo artist, has teamed up with Cosmic Wire, a pioneer in the Web3 movement, to release her one-of-a-kind, original art tattoos as NFTs. Additionally serving as VIP tickets for Ivana’s series of international events set

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Space Gorillas are exclusive NFTs

A limited collection of 1,000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Space Gorillas is comprised of a one-of-a-kind mix of characteristics, one of which is the fact that it lives on the Ethereum Blockchain. The holders of A Space Gorilla will receive access

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The Quilvius is a new metaverse art space

The presale for The Quilvius, the first platform for culture and art in the Metaverse, has begun. This Metaverse project is the first cultural and art platform focused on writing, reading, and translating as an act, and it is built

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Whales Club is a new NFT community

Each NFT in the limited collection known as Whales Club acts as a VIP pass to one of the most advanced crypto groups in the TON ecosystem. The collection is capped at 10,000 total tokens. The long-term objective of the

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Sensorium launches metaverse streaming channel

The first in-engine streaming channel for the metaverse is being launched by Sensorium. The goal of this 24/7 streaming experience is to introduce viewers to the scope of the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse, which is currently only accessible in beta mode.

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Snapple unveils metaverse extension

The sweet drink manufacturer Snapple is behind a new bodega in the metaverse game Decentraland. Snapple built a fictitious corner store in the style of New York City in the metaverse, complete with a bodega cat. CoinDesk went on a

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MonsterFactoryX is a new NFT project

The Ethereum decentralized application known as MonsterFactoryX is a collection of 3,333 different generative NFTs. The funding of the acquisition of metaverse land and the establishment of the virtual hangout known as The Factory will be the primary goals of

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Japan undertakes tourism digitalization

Creating an embodied virtual reality experience has emerged as a crucial element in international trade. With every day that goes by, 3D virtual workspaces for organizations are revolutionizing industries and breaking new ground in artificial intelligence. This is a virtual

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