Author: Michelle D. Madsen

ORIGIN unveils new metaverse joining

Christopher Berrios has joined the staff of ORIGIN Metaverse, a real estate technology company that makes use of Web 3. The company is thrilled to announce the new member’s inclusion. Christopher is the one who started the WallStreetBets group on

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Virtualand and EcoSmart partner for the metaverse

A programmable 3D Metaverse has been unveiled to the world thanks to a collaboration between EcoSmart and Virtualand Tech. Collectively, they have succeeded in entering the Metaverse. NFT and smart contracts can be used to create games on several blockchain

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Mojo is a groundbreaking NFT project

MOJO is an enthusiastic adventurer who is brimming with feelings and is drawn to getting into trouble. Her positive, “can-do” attitude will be of great assistance to both children and their parents as they navigate the uncharted territory that lies

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FishVerse is a metaverse afficionado experience

The FishVerse team is overjoyed to announce the debut of its ground-breaking fishing ecosystem that will be housed within the Metaverse. FishVerse is a mobile fishing game of the AAA variety that was built on the Blockchain technology. Players can

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BetaShares unveils metaverse ETF

The BetaShares Metaverse exchange traded fund (ETF) was recently introduced, providing investors with the opportunity to gain exposure to businesses that are developing and functioning in the Metaverse. NVIDIA, Meta Platforms, and Roblox would be three of the approximately thirty-two

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The Kodaz is a new NFT project

The Kodaz NFT project was constructed on the basis of a very particular ideology, which centered on the production of a more upbeat environment. They intend to accomplish this by regaining the value of pfp projects and providing a collection

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Nars Color got released on Roblox

The organization’s most recent endeavor involves a collaboration with a company called Supersocial, which will result in the introduction of an immersive virtual experience on Roblox known as the Nars Color Quest. Users have the opportunity to virtually travel to

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Capgemini and Unity unveil metaverse venture

In order to assist businesses in investigating the advantages of immersive metaverse experiences across industries, Capgemini and Unity have established a new cooperation. Real-time 3D content may be created and managed using the Unity platform using a variety of software

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Infinity Metaverse unveils metaverse network

Synaptic Black, the company that developed the Infinity Metaverse, made the announcement that it has introduced a service that is aimed at businesses and brands that want to construct their own metaverse experiences and host them in the same way

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Puma releases new metaverse kit

PUMA‘s first Metaverse uniform is the 2022/23 City Third. Players may explore and engage with the new kit in the PUMA and the Land of Games experience on Roblox. The new Third jersey highlights Manchester creativity with Fizzy Light and

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Advent NFTs are set for launch

Collection of 6666 Devils used internally by the NFT. They range in appearance and rarity. Over the course of four drops, holders will be able to immerse themselves in the riveting narrative of the protagonist and follow the history of

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