Author: Michelle D. Madsen

OliveX partners with Parasol for the web3

Through OliveX Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of OliveX Holdings Limited, the company is happy to announce two agreements as part of its dedicated plan to develop a wide portfolio for its interoperable fitness metaverse. OliveX has agreed to take part

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HypeBots is an emerging web3 project

Hype Bots is a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that were generated by a computer algorithm and have a wide variety of characteristics. Each and every one of the digital NFTs is one of a kind (there are no two

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Stanford and NVIDIA partners for new VR headsets

Researchers from Stanford University and NVIDIA collaborated to address one of virtual reality (VR) experiences’ main problems: the cumbersome headsets. According to a news statement from the company, the researchers demonstrated how they might be made to have the thickness

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DatChat unveils brand new metaverse space

Secure messaging, metaverse, and social media company DatChat, made the announcement that its SmarterVerse subsidiary will showcase its brand-new metaverse referred to as “The Habytat” at DCENTRAL Miami, which will take place from November 28-30, 2022. The general public and

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Xoomojis is an upcoming NFT collection

On the Ethereum network, Xoomojis is a collection of 12,500 different non-fungible tokens (NFTs). They are based on nine different animal characters, each with about two hundred and fifty characteristics. The goal is to launch a brand known as Xoomojis

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Durex is considering a metaverse launch

The well-known condom manufacturer Durex has submitted an application for a trademark, which indicates that the corporation may soon enter the metaverse and the NFT industry. Mike Kondoudis, a licensed trademark attorney at the United States Patent and Trademark Office

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Ledger partners with BRICK for NFT drop

Ledger, the largest crypto and Web3 platform, launched Market x BRICK NFT. [ L ] Market is the first safe mint and distribution platform for handpicked NFT drops from cultural companies and artists. Following Ledger’s Genesis Pass NFT drop last

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Krap Chickens is an emerging NFT project

The first piece of art that will be made available through the KRAPOPOLIS NFT is a one-of-a-kind creation that was produced and drawn by the same people that developed the show. An artwork that is finished and has its own

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ORIGIN unveils new metaverse joining

Christopher Berrios has joined the staff of ORIGIN Metaverse, a real estate technology company that makes use of Web 3. The company is thrilled to announce the new member’s inclusion. Christopher is the one who started the WallStreetBets group on

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Virtualand and EcoSmart partner for the metaverse

A programmable 3D Metaverse has been unveiled to the world thanks to a collaboration between EcoSmart and Virtualand Tech. Collectively, they have succeeded in entering the Metaverse. NFT and smart contracts can be used to create games on several blockchain

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