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Krap Chickens is an emerging NFT project

The first piece of art that will be made available through the KRAPOPOLIS NFT is a one-of-a-kind creation that was produced and drawn by the same people that developed the show. An artwork that is finished and has its own

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Mojo is a groundbreaking NFT project

MOJO is an enthusiastic adventurer who is brimming with feelings and is drawn to getting into trouble. Her positive, “can-do” attitude will be of great assistance to both children and their parents as they navigate the uncharted territory that lies

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The Kodaz is a new NFT project

The Kodaz NFT project was constructed on the basis of a very particular ideology, which centered on the production of a more upbeat environment. They intend to accomplish this by regaining the value of pfp projects and providing a collection

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Advent NFTs are set for launch

Collection of 6666 Devils used internally by the NFT. They range in appearance and rarity. Over the course of four drops, holders will be able to immerse themselves in the riveting narrative of the protagonist and follow the history of

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Cool Skull Club NFTs to release soon

The Cool Skull Club is a non-fiction title (NFT) collection that features 6,666 skulls that have been magnificently designed and painstakingly crafted. A long time ago, God made the decision to press the “Start Party” button, which resulted in meteors

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Money Shots is an emerging NFT collection

On the Solana blockchain, Money Shots is a collection of 2,625 creative hand-drawn NFT doodles that are superimposed over real-world US currency. Money Shots will direct holders to a collectible card game that was created by two of the Pokemon

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Broken Hearts Club is a new NFT project

The Broken Hearts Club is a collection of Broken Heart NFTs, which is a one-of-a-kind digital collectible that resides on the Solana blockchain and has a strong emphasis on community. People who have had their authority taken away by an

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PFC is an emerging nifty NFT project

The Pig Fitness Club is a collection of 10,000 different 3D NFT pigs that are all unique to each other and live on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Pig serves as a locker room key and provides its owner with exclusive

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DWA is an attractive NFT project

The DWA is affiliated with a criminal syndicate. There is a ceasefire in place, but a gang war is still in full swing. The Golden Goose Mafia is in charge of the organization, and the DWA come in second, then

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